Why Host a CooperRose™  Party?

CooperRose™  is an advocate for natural and eco-friendly parenting. We love sharing information and our experiences. By hosting a CooperRose™  Party, you will receive personalized information about natural parenting and CooperRose™  Products. Of course all CooperRose™  Party Goers receive discounts and special offers! All of our hosts receive a CooperRose™ Host Box with special gifts curated just for them! 

*CooperRose™  Parties are great for parents, future parents and care-givers of children ages 0-5.  


Customize Your Party

Host your CooperRose™ Party at your home, a quaint cafe or event venue. You choose your day, time and subject focus. We will help with the rest! We can even coordinate activities for your little Mama Time can be Mama Time!


Subject Focus

Whether you want to focus on the three CooperRose™ Natural Parenting subjects or you only want to focus on one, we will organize the activities to best fit the needs of you and your guests. (Breastfeeding, Cloth Diapering & Baby Wearing.


If you're interested in hosting a CooperRose™  Party or just have questions, please fill out the form below. Can't wait to hear from you!

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