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It all started...

because I saw a lack of information and resources surrounding Natural Parenting in my community.  Although I have lived a fairly natural adult life and have many friends with children who have, I had never seen modern cloth diapers. I have a gymnastics and circus center in Metro - Atlanta.  Out of all of the many babies that I have seen grow up, I had never seen modern cloth and had only seen a couple of moms breastfeed. I knew there was a need. 

Yes, cloth diapering and breastfeeding saves money. However, some families can't afford to start a stash. Some families buy just enough disposable diapers to last them for the week or even the day.  Some families don't get the best information about milk supply. This should not be a reason to keep their babies healthy.

Because of these reasons, CooperRose™  has partnered with Atlanta Baby Exchange to give to our community.  Our first deposit into the Baby Exchange Bank was given to us by Jessica Fay, a local Atlanta Mama with a huge heart! Thank you so much Jessica for giving us the push that we needed to make this happen.

We are excepting gently used nursing pillows, cloth diapers and nursing covers.  If you are interested in helping CooperRose™ Baby  and Atlanta Baby Exchange with the Baby Exchange Bank, please email us at

Derrin R. Moore, CooperRose™ Owner

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