Cloth Diapers & Wipes

All current CooperRose™ Diapers are made of at least 97% natural breathable fibers. Some fabrics contain up to 5% spandex or polyester for stretch.

Organic Diapers - 100% Organic Cotton (Outer) & 55%Hemp/45% Organic Cotton Blend (Core & Inner)

Flax Linen Diapers - 100% Flax Linen (Outer), 55% Hemp/45% Organic Cotton Blend (Core), 95% Organic Cotton/5% Polyester Velour Blend (Inner)

Stretchy Flats - 97% Hemp/Organic Cotton & 3% Spandex

Pre-Flats - 97% Hemp/Organic Cotton & 3% Spandex


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