You Must Learn

"You Must Learn" - KRS-One Lately I've been quoting a lot of songs to express my feelings. Been feeling like the hip hop cloth diapering mama. I started this journey with CooperRose 9 months ago. I jumped in head first without knowing where it would lead, but knowing that there was a need to get more Black & brown moms information about natural parenting.

I hear so many brown moms talk about how much it cost to raise a child. However, most of the same moms are flushing money down the drain by buying and using disposable diapers and formula. There's never any judgement coming from me. I just want to spread the word, advocate and help educate about other options.

I'm an entrepreneur at heart. It's in my granddaddy made it the norm. He had a steel erection company (now run by my uncles) and made sugar cane syrup (which was sold in a local grocery store). Although my father is a better business owner than he is a dad, he is still an example of a black business owner succeeding in today's world (owns 2 grocery stores in Florida).

When I saw the need and developed a passion for what CooperRose offers, it was a no brainer to start a new venture on top of the one that I already had (a gymnastics & circus program offering advanced training in underserved communities). #inflightgym #askaboutme #morehiphop #totaljayzfan CooperRose is not a cloth diaper company. It isn't a baby clothing company. It isn't the new fubu for babies. (It just so happens that I see the need in my community more than in others.) CooperRose is an eco friendly and advocacy brand for natural parenting.

At the forefront of CooperRose is the community. Customer engagement and service is absolutely necessary by the nature of the mission - to advocate. Ask questions. Tell us what you need. Let us know how you feel. Because at the end of the day, CooperRose wants us to succeed in this journey of parenting (whatever that is individually). In order to make that happen, You* Must Learn! *I am included in that "You".